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Here’s How To Win The Last Fight In PUBG Mobile; Get Chicken Dinner



How To Win The Last Fight In PUBG Mobile; Get Chicken Dinner

The last step to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile is winning in the final zone. If you can survive till the last circle, you are very close to the Chicken Dinner.

If you get damage from the blue zone, use first aid kits, painkiller, and energy drinks to refill your HP bar. Besides, loot a full level-2 or level-3 vest and helmet on the way to the last circle.

Tips To Win The Last Fight In PUBG Mobile:

You should stay near the border of the last circle.

Make sure that there is no enemy behind you.

You can lie to spot enemies around if the grass is high and dense.

Don’t wear light color in the last circle because the enemy can easily spot you from a close distance.

Check the area outsides the play zone carefully before focus on the enemies insides the circle.

Find a cover near the edge of the circle and locate all enemies in the last fight.

Move quietly by prone or crouch while moving. Don’t run or make too much noise or reveal your position.

Pay attention to all sound and movements around you because some players often lie on the ground and crawl to you.

Don’t engage when you are still outside the play zone or enemies can block your way and send you to the lobby.

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Try to shoot the target down before he can get behind the cover. Don’t rush if you are not in a hurry. Smoke grenades, Molotov, stun grenades, and frag grenades are more useful in the last circle.

Use the smoke grenade to fake your position or enter the last zone if there is no cover on the way. The smoke grenade is also useful in a 1v3 or 1v4 fight in the last zone.

Don’t separate your team to find the last enemy if your squad has only two men standing. You should go together to concentrate your bullets and finish the match safely.

If you separate your team, the last pro player can easily clutch and get the Chicken Dinner that should be yours.

Source: GuruGamer

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