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Highest damage assault rifle in PUBG Mobile?



Highest damage assault rifle in PUBG Mobile?

Weapons are one of the prime elements of a battle royale game like PUBG Mobile.

The game has different categories of weapons, each designed to fulfil a specific purpose.

Assault rifles are most used weapons in PUBG Mobile. They have usually had adequate hit damage and are consistent performers.

Assault rifles include a variety of guns like Groza, AKM, SCAR-L, M16A4 and many more.

Highest damage assault rifle in PUBG Mobile

The AR with the highest damage in PUBG Mobile is the MK47 Mutant, which has hit damage of 49.

The damage is higher compared to popular assault rifles like AKM and Groza, which have a hit damage of 47.

The Mk47 uses 7.62mm ammo type with a small magazine size of only 20 rounds.

The Mk47 Mutant is good at interminable distances thanks to its single-fire mode.

It is often regarded as the worst overall assault rifle as it lacks the full-auto mode.

An assault rifle is usually adaptable to most situations but this is not true in the case of the Mk47. It excels at extensive range but drops below par at short range.

The gun feels like a hybrid between a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) and an assault rifle.

The Burst fire mode has its own disadvantages with high recoil and unpredictable fire pattern.

Attachments, like the light grip, help tone down the recoil but players are better off using other weapons.

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