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How to best Use Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI



How to best Use Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

How to best Use Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI: The Battleground of PUBG Mobile and BGMI follow the technique used in modern warfare. Battleground developers always trying to improve the player’s experience, This time by adding Flare guns in the game.

Flare guns are known to create chaos in the game. The introduction of Flare guns has been players indulging in fights to secure the loot contained in the special Flare drop.

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As the result, the use of Flare guns is banned in the PUBG Mobile and BGMI esports scenario.

Experience gamers must know how to effectively use Flare guns in matches.

How to best Use Flare Guns in PUBG Mobile and BGMI:

To get a Flare drop Loot:

Flare guns use in PUBG Mobile and BGMI to summon the airdrop which contains great loot. The summoned airdrop contains a Level 3 helmet and vest, as well as a couple of exclusive airdrop weapons considerably, help players during fights.

As a Bait:

As the lit flare can be seen from a long distance, several squads rush towards it to get their hands on the loot. Players can then open fire on enemies trying to loot the Flare drop in the open.

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This will ensure that players have an easier time ambushing enemies while they’re looting the drop, or when they are engaged with other squads who are also vying for the special loot.

To summon the armored vehicle:

The BRDM-2 is a special armored vehicle that can be seen in the battlegrounds of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

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It was revamped and improved a few months back so that it can be operated even in water without sinking. Moreover, the BRDM-2’s hit point has been considerably increased by the developers.

The armored BRDM-2 can only be summoned by igniting a flare with the help of a Flare gun. However, this must be done outside the safe zone, or else the players will be given an airdrop instead.


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