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How to download PUBG New State in India: All you need to know



How to download PUBG New State in India

The game has developed by PUBG Studio & the production of Karfton Inc. New state has been described as The Original Royale Battle in the trailer. PUBG New State is an alternative to PUBG Mobile which is the most popular game in the world.

This game will be released soon. However, gamers in many countries around the world can pre-register to get this game now. This game is featured with the futuristic technology of the year 2051. In this game’s official trailer, you will find advantages in technology vehicles, weapons & other stuff. If we talk about new things far from PUBG Mobile then you able to see Cary drone, Electronic Granade & Shield wall, etc.

PUBG New State pre-registration is not yet available in India, China, and Vietnam at the current time. It’s not sure if this game is banned in India or not. But that PUBG New State is developed in South Korea can guarantee the possibility of the game release in this South Asian country. Maybe Indian gamers can pre-register or download this game in the upcoming time, According to the official press.

How to download PUBG New State in India:

Using VPN Tools To Download PUBG New State In India

Firstly, you need to download and install a VPN tool on your smartphone.

SoloVPN is a good VNP tool for Indian mobile gamers to use fake IP addresses.

Then, open the VPN tool on your device and choose the country you want to use its IP address.

After connecting to IP, you have to create a new Google Account using that fake IP address.

Log in to Google Play Store with that account and search PUBG New State. Then, click on the pre-register button.

Note: It’s highly recommended that you should use the Korean IP address to download and play PUBG Mobile and pre-register PUBG New State

How To Pre-registration PUBG: New State For Android On Play Store

  • Click here or go to Play Store & Search for PUBG New State
  • Now you will see the pre-registration option is there
  • Click on the pre-registration button & complete the pre-order process

Pre-Register On PUBG 2’s Official Website: you can pre-register by accessing official website o f PUBG New State.

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