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How To Earn FFIC Silver Tokens To Get Free Rewards in Free Fire



How To Earn FFIC Silver Tokens To Get Free Rewards in Free Fire

How To Earn FFIC Silver Tokens To Get Free Rewards in Free Fire: It is one of the biggest Free Fire tournaments this year, and because of that, Garena has released a lot of events for fans to enjoy. A few of them have already started while the rest are scheduled to begin very soon.

How to earn FFIC Silver Token in Free Fire

Play like a Pro Event: FFIC Silver Token is part of the ‘Play like a Pro’ event in Free Fire. Players need to complete 3 missions per day. These quests are easy and can be clear in no time at all.

Pick your Side Event: Players need to choose the side that will score more points in FFIC Grand Finals to get rewards. By picking the correct side, players can get 3x FFIC Silver and a Diamond Royale Voucher. Furthermore, getting three sides right in a row will unlock a Haunting Night pan skin as the grand prize.

There are two variants of Event shop that you can spend your FFIC Silver Tokens on:

Claim FFIC Resupply event: All items have a nearly unlimited stock of 99. This is one of the best events to grind out free skins from weapon royale vouchers and FFIC Chests.

1x FFIC Silver: Summon Airdrop

1x FFIC Silver: Bounty Token

2x FFIC Silver: Weapon Royale Voucher

3x FFIC Silver: FFIC Chest

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Be a Champion event: This is the premium event in which you can exchange for exclusive items, including the rare Crimson Parkour bundle

10x FFIC Silver: Regal Gold Avatar

10x FFIC Silver: Regal Adornment Banner

12x FFIC Silver: Bronze Altar

15x FFIC Silver: Crimson Parkour Bundle


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