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How to Find the Apex Legends Bridge Keycard on Olympus



How to Find the Apex Legends Bridge Keycard on Olympus

Apex Legends Bridge Keycard on Olympus: Apex Legends Season 12 is finally here, and the latest update brought some major changes to the Olympus map, including brand-new POIs and moving the high-tier loot bin to a new position.

You can find some more high-tier loot by heading to Icarus’s Ship, but you’ll first have to get your hands on the Bridge Keycard in order to gain access to it, and we’ll go over where you need to look.

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You’ll need to head over to Icarus’s Ship on the south end of the Apex Legends Season 12 Olympus map, where you’ll find the bodies of fallen scientists littering the floor once you enter.

Bridge Keycards can be found on the floor near one of the bodies on the ship, so just search around until you spot one. You can then add it to your inventory like any other loot item in the game.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Bridge Keycard doesn’t always spawn in the exact same place, so you may need to thoroughly explore the room before you can get your hands on one.

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After you’ve acquired this item, the bridge location will be added to your map, and you can make your way over there to collect some high-tier loot that will help you greatly throughout the match.

Opening the Icarus Bridge will take a few moments, so be sure to watch out for enemy players who may be looking to steal the keycard from you in order to collect all of that loot for themselves.

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