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How to get Cryo Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 6



How to get Cryo Bomb in Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 6

The new season update brings the brand new Wild West battle pass with a number of weapon skins, new operators, new weapons, new operator skills, and whatnot.

Well, fans have been enjoying the new content revealed at the arrival of season 6. But still, there’s a lot in the bag.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6, Annihilator, which is currently locked, but players can earn it easily. In our previous post, we have mentioned how to get the all-new Annihilator. Make sure to visit the link mentioned below to read more.

The new Cryo Bomb releases a surge of freezing air that slows the enemy. It could be handy in modes like Domination and Hardpoint. Cryo Bomb is available in the game, but the current status is locked.

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Cryo Bomb is currently unavailable in the game, and the developers will introduce it later. Players will be able to unlock the new tactical bomb by completing the in-game events.

The loading screen of CODM suggests that the Cryo Bomb will be available through the new Seasonal Events, where players will need to complete a series of tasks to unlock the new item.

Later on, at the season end, it will be made available to the store, where users can buy the bomb with the in-game money and experience the Cryo bomb even if they do not get a chance to complete the tasks.

The developers haven’t mentioned the arrival of any Cryo Bomb event, but again, the loading screen suggests that the event for Cryo Bomb arrives on May 15.

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