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How to Make Cobwebs in Minecraft and Use it effectively



How to Make Cobwebs in Minecraft and Use it effectively

Cobweb is an important trap that cannot be crafted in Minecraft. Cobwebs are very useful to slow down most entities in this game, except for spiders.

Cobwebs in Minecraft can be used as a trap to slow down a lot of entities. It’s very easy to collect this item in Minecraft world.

How To Make Cobwebs In Minecraft

Go to find a Cobweb in an abandoned place like mineshafts or libraries.

Open the Hotbar to select the shear and hold it in your hand.

Use the shear to break and collect the cobweb in these abandoned places. Big cobwebs will break into smaller cobwebs and drop on the floor.

Pick up the cobweb quickly before it disappears.

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Cobweb Uses:

Decorations: The first use of cobwebs in Minecraft is decoration. You can use this item to decorate your house and farm in a spooky Halloween theme.

You can create a spooky place to enjoy the Halloween festival in this game. Besides, you can capture some spiders and release them around the castle to make scary sounds for a more realistic Halloween atmosphere.

Strings: Cobwebs are made from a lot of strings. So, you can get nine strings from a cobweb. But this use is only available in the Bedrock Edition.

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Players on Java Edition need to use shears or non-silk-touch swords to break cobwebs and get strings. Besides, you can also kill spiders to get strings in this game.

Traps: Some players made traps from cobwebs with a lava bottom. When enemies fall into the trap, they will drop into the lave and get damaged.

PVP Combat: You can also use cobwebs to block and trap enemies in PVP battles. This item is useful for both defense and offense. Throw some cobwebs quickly to trap and stop enemies from attacking you. Then, you will have enough time to heal your HP during combat.

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Redstone Contraptions: Redstone engineers use it in delaying the throwing speed of items through droppers and dispensers. In addition, you can use it in the item sorting system to slow down the dropping speed of items.


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