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How to unlock Call of Duty: Mobile watch for Modern Warfare & Warzone



How to unlock Call of Duty: Mobile watch for Modern Warfare & Warzone

CODM players were asked to create and connect the Activision ID to CoD Warzone. This interesting idea by the Activision lets more players try out the new Warzone.

This helped Activision to reach the milestone of 50 million global players. This might have worked for sure, as Activision is introducing new cosmetic which can be earned in Warzone.

To get the Call of Duty Mobile watch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, players simply need to link their Activision account to the game.

As long as its the same Activision account that players use for Modern Warfare and Warzone, they should receive the free watch within 72 hours of linking the account.

As an added bonus, players that link their Activision account to Call of Duty Mobile will also get free content in that game as well in the form of the Outrider – Arctic Soldier, which will also be delivered within 72 hours.

Players can now earn a brand new watch for free of cost in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. Below, we will be talking about, how to get Call of Duty Mobile watch in Warzone & Modern Warfare

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Create a Call of Duty: Mobile account here.
Download Call of Duty: Mobile from the App Store / Play Store, depending on your mobile platform.
Link your accounts by logging into Call of Duty: Mobile with the same profile used in Modern Warfare and Warzone.
When you log into either Modern Warfare or Warzone, on your console or PC, your new watch will be waiting for you in your inventory.

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