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How to unlock the EM2 assault rifle in COD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War



How to unlock the EM2 assault rifle in COD Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

EM2 weapons have been confirmed to launch in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 5. Players will have a new submachine gun and an assault rifle to check out.

The EM2 has a bullpup design, much like the QWZ weapons. Based on its descriptions, the EM2 may act very similar to the C52, which was an assault rifle released in Season 4. That weapon was based on a slow fire rate, with high damage on each shot.

Players who want to use the EM2 should expect a similar playstyle. However, the rate of fire and recoil will be more moderate. As described in the Activision blog, the EM2 is a:

“… full-auto assault rifle. Well-rounded British rifle with good firing control. Built in low-zoom optic improves accuracy. Slower fire rate with reliable range.”

Until the weapon is released, the player base won’t know exactly how the weapon acts.

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Having said that, the built-in low-zoom optic sounds like a new way to shake up the assault rifle class. Before anything else, though, players must first unlock the assault rifle itself.

All the season-launch weapons are initially tied to the Battle Pass, and the EM2 is no different.

The EM2 is earned through the Battle Pass at tier 15, which is much faster than the tier 31 required for the new TEC-9 submachine gun.

Players who want the EM2 should act quickly to earn it, as it won’t be so easy to obtain after Season 5 comes to a close.

When a season ends, the Battle Pass weapons, which are always free, will be linked to a challenge in order to unlock them. They are typically more of a hassle than simply earning the weapons through the Battle Pass tiers.

Regardless, players can begin grinding for the new content starting on August 12, when the new season goes live for everyone.


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