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How to Win in Apex Legends: You Should Know 8 Tips & Tricks



How to Win in Apex Legends: Here is Tips & Tricks

Apex Legends is free to play now, You need to pay sharp, Use your wits, and close with your friends. Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has already amassed an incredible 25 million players, and becoming one of the most streamed games on Twitch.

Team based hero battle royale shooter is available on multiple platform, means you may have already tried your hand at it. Below are some tips to play & win the Apex Games

Select the Legend matches your Playstyle:

All competitors are equal, and Legends are evenly matched in terms of strength, speed and firepower in Apex Arena. So you will have to select Legend that preferred your playstyle and Complements squads.

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Helping your squad travel long distances to take your enemies by surprise?. Support your team with health boosts more style, Lifeline is read for action. And figure out what role you like to play and try different Legends to see which fits you best.

Survive with Squad:

Squadplay is very difficult to get success in Apex Legends, You will have to jump with two teammates at your side. Play together, you can keep each other safe and outplay your opponents by combining your abilities. Try to strike out on your own, and you will be up against other teams who can easily overwhelm you.

You can provide critical information through in a game system that lets you ping useful items and locations on their screen. You can give pinpoint the position of gear pieces your teammates which direction you are going before you have even plugged in a microphone.

You Need to familiar with Arena:

Kings Canyon is a deadly playground full of abandoned military installations and encroaching nature. You can see different type of terrain , from wide open fields to swamp littered with abandoned buildings to a sprawling desert full of derelict out sports.

Arena is surrounded by a giant rings that shrinks at regular intervals throughout the match. you have to move fast to grab all the items you need before its closed on you.

Land Together & Separate:

Legend will naturally follow the jumpster, and you should split away from your teammate, but not until the last stretch.

Make Loot Priority but be careful

after land, you will be looking for guns and gear to upgrade your stats for the inevitable gunfights. keep up body armor, helmets, guns and ammo first, in case you find yourself in a early fight.

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to get Higher weapons or armor piece’s tie, the stronger it is, better chance of making it to the end of the match. You can get consistently full of higher loot on some location.

Use Jump Towers, Hot Zones to get advantage:

Jump tower allow you to fly into the air and skydive back down to the ground. Hot Zones provide you access to higher loot on a random portion of the map if you can get there first. Learning how to use these feature adds another layer to your team’s strategy.

Revive and Respawn Teammates

Bing each other back from the dead, after health is depleted, go into a downed state where you are still alive, but slow and required medical. Every Legend carries a Legend Banner that drop when you die. Teammates can pick these up, and taking one to a Respawn Beacon will bring that Legend back to the life.

Know color of the hit makers

When you shot someone, a damage will appear next to them in different colors. If purple, it means they still have purple armour, so you will have to land more shots on them to deplete their armour. If White with red circle, it means they have no armour left and are venerable to being knocked down.

Here we are also provide details , how to install Apex Legends in XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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How to Install Apex Legends in XBox One:
  • Turn on XBos one console & Open Microsoft Store
  • Search the Apex Legends by typing
  • XBox One payers will required an XBox Live Gold subscription to play Apex Legends.
How to Install Apex Legends in PlayStation 4
  • Open PlayStation 4 console , Open PlayStation Store from the home screen
  • Type apex Legends in Search box.
  • Select the game, then select Download or Add to library
  • Once added to the PlayStation 4’s library you will be able to open it
How to Install Apex Legends in PC
  • Download, install and sing up for EA’s Origin store.
  • Open Origin and enter apex Legends into the search box
  • Search the listing in the origin Store and select it
  • Select Download or Install

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