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Indian Air Force Mobile Game for Android & iOS launch on July 31



Indian Air Force mobile game for iOS and Android launching on July 31


Indian Air Force is set the launch a new mobile game for both Android and iOS smartphone on July 31. The game will be initially offered as a single player version but multiplayer option is in the pipeline as well.

IAF will feature a role playing campaign where the player can try various aerial fighting planes just like a fight simulator.

The game will allow users to become an air-force pilot and experience some of their Airbone combat vehicle in a virtually immersive way.

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Air-force has share the teaser of the game across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, informing about the upcoming release.

How to Play IAF Mobile Game

The Mission will include option to fly a combat vehicle or a helicopter and destroy the enemy territory. It will also involve mission like destroying the base camp, aircrafts and anti-aircraft defense system if the enemy.

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It will be a simple game to boot that will add nostalgia to their experience. The teaser even shows character similar to Abhinandan, who was held captive for 60 hours in Pakistan. With multiplayer version, IAF might succeed in convincing mobile gamers to ditch PUBG for the homegrown game.

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