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iOS 13 makes Fortnite and PUBG unplayable



iOS 13 makes Fortnite and PUBG unplayable

Mobile gamers on iPhones who have not yet upgraded to iOS 13 may want to delay the update a bit longer, as it makes title such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile unplayable.

The new three-finger touch feature trouble for Fortnie and PUBG Mobile gamers. The new three-finger touch feature for iOS 13 that is a text-editing gesture brings up options like undo, copy, and paste.

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This feature is apparently being activated when players try to play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. These games often require players to use two fingers to point and move while a third finger does the shooting.

The text-editing gesture makes the software think that there are text fields on the screen even though there are actually none. This steals touches from the game, severely affecting users play session.

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The gesture problem becomes such a big problem for PUBG Mobile players that its developer Tencent had to post an in-game warning message to let others know about it.

Fortnite maker Epic Games issued a statement to players acknowledging the problems associated with the iOS 13 release. The company said a possible fix could be in the works with the upcoming iOS 13.1

There is no way to disable the text-editing gesture, so Fortnite and PUBG Mobile players who have upgraded their iPhone to iOS 13 sill have no choice but to wait for a fix.

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Apple will roll out iOS 13.1 on September 24, six days ahead of its previously planned released date of September 20. The update will fix the text-editing gesture to only activate in applicable situations, such as when the users are editing text And will also allow app developers to specify the instances when the feature is active.

Some users claim that they have come up with some sort of fix for the Fortnite

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