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Is FAU-G Game Poste Copied from Stock Image? Twitter Wants to Know



Is FAU-G Game Poste Copied from Stock Image? Twitter Wants to Know

PUBG was taken off the shelves among 118 following the fresh escalation with China in Ladakh, Akshay Kumar revealed an action game called FAU-G, much to be the amusement of gamer and Bollywood fans alike.

Akshay Kumar also stated that 20 per cent of its net proceeds donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer Trust’ for the support of India’s Bravehearts. The trust was also started by him.

“For youngsters in India, gaming is becoming an important form of entertainment. With FAU-G, I’m hoping that as they play the game they will learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers and also contribute to the families of the martyrs; and with this, each one of us has the ability to support PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar,” said Kumar.

While the news was initially met with hilarious memes and mockery, there was something “fishy” in the game’s poster that couldn’t go ignored.

As a post from Twitter user @maximustaurean suggests, the makers of the poster used a stock image to show soldiers engaged in a battle.

While another hawk-eyed commenter stated that the photo also appeared in a song called “Today We Rise” by the band Collision Of Innocence.

Source: Is Akshay Kumar’s ‘FAU-G’ Game Poster ‘Copied’ from Stock Image? Twitter Wants to Know

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