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Leaked!! Who is Apex Legends’s Newcastle for Season 13?



Leaked!! Who is Apex Legends's Newcastle for Season 13?

Who is Apex Legends’s Newcastle for Season 13: Apex Legends players are intrigued by a new character that has been revealed for Season 13. Storm Point map changes, Apex Legends players are getting their first look at Season 13’s Legend with the recent Saviors trailer.

In the trailer, showed players a much more detailed look at Newcastle. As well as the lore behind him and Bangalore’s relationship.

Although the trailer didn’t show gameplay, we did get a taste of what he will be bringing to the games with his abilities. With that being said, let’s get into everything we know about the potential Season 13 Legend.

Who is Apex Legends’ Newcastle?

Newcastle is a new Defensive Legend that will be arriving in Apex Legends for Season 13. Thanks to the Season 13 reveal trailer, players finally have confirmation that he is indeed the brother of Bangalore — Jackson.

Bangalore originally thought Jackson was dead, but as no body was found. It’s no surprise that he has ended up at the Apex Games.

We’ll likely get more information and lore behind their relationship. And his reasonings for joining the games and not telling her he was alive throughout the season.

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Although they are subject to change, dataminers and an anonymous leaker did reveal gameplay of Newcastle’s abilities and their descriptions, which adds up to the footage and animation seen in the Saviors trailer.

As you can see, Newcastle’s abilities are all about cover and defensive play.

The only part of his kit which is somewhat offensive is his Ultimate ability. As it can be used to leap and slam on an enemy, likely doing damage, while also creating a mobile base for your team to survive.

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Keep in mind that this is all subject to change as Respawn Entertainment are yet to officially announce the Legend’s kit.

Newcastle could definitely rival the Gibraltar meta if these abilities are as strong as they sound. But we’ll have to wait for the season’s launch to get a true idea of his power.