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Minecraft: 10 Tips and Tricks to Explore Safely



Minecraft: 10 Tips and Tricks to Explore Safely

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. In Minecraft, Exploring is probably the most important part when playing an open-world game.

Identify mob & environmental dangers: there are two main types of dangers in Minecraft: environmental (falling, burning in lava, drowning…) and mob (enemies randomly spawned in the map).

Create a bed and sleep on it ASAP: frequently create and use one as you travel – otherwise, death would send you back to the previous bed you slept on. This can be very annoying… as a lot of progress would be skipped.

Never dig straight up or straight down: going straight down can make you fall to your death into a cavern… while going up can hit a lava or water pocket and drown you.

Establish a home base: you would want to build a base around your bed so that you can store resources.

Don’t go out at night: zombies and skeletons can wander around without restriction at night, which makes the world much more dangerous than it is in the day.

Craft essential tools for Minecraft Exploration: items should be inside your inventory at all times- Pickaxe, Sword, Axe, Shovel, Map.

Use plenty of torches: Plant torches around your base and the location you plan on exploring.

Scout an area first before gathering resources: you make an advance trip to scout an area first to check the mob types and environmental hazard before committing.

Don’t hoard items: Try to carry only what you need in your inventory. Alongside the tools mentioned above, bring some food for healing and leave the rest in your base.

Be cautious: don’t take unnecessary risks.

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