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Minecraft: How to find and loot the desert pyramid



Minecraft: How to find and loot the desert pyramid

An uncommon sandstone structure that generates n deserts. Each pyramid has a hidden chamber containing loot that is protected by a TNT trap.

How to find the Desert Pyramid in Minecraft

Firstly, players need to search a desert biome. Just get to the highest point possible and survey the land below.

These pyramids are a big incentive for players to traverse the barren desert in Minecraft. Get to the highest point possible in the desert biome and look around. Alternatively, players can also create a 1×1 tower and get on top of it.

just get your seed by typing “/seed” in the chatbox. Then copy the seed code and paste it into the desert temple finder website. Enter your own coordinates in the X and Y boxes – the site will display the nearest desert temple to your location.

How to loot the Desert Pyramid in Minecraft

There are three entrances, one at the ground floor level and two on the left and right, near the top of the structure.

There’s also a one-block wide hole at the top of the desert pyramid, which you can use to enter if needed.

The main chamber of the pyramid is beneath the center of the ground floor, underneath a checkerboard pattern of terracotta and sandstone.

The chamber contains 4 chests, with a 3×3 grid of TNT trap rigged by a stone pressure plate, which is placed directly under the blue terracotta block in the center.

If the player or a mob step on the plate, the TNT trap would blow up and destroy the chests and the loots.

This is one of the few places that you can find an Enchanted Golden Apple. One of the most wanted resources in Minecraft.


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