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Minecraft: Top 5 Best Feature in Minecraft Java That Should Be Added To Bedrock



Minecraft: Top 5 Best Feature in Minecraft Java That Should Be Added To Bedrock

Minecraft: Top 5 Best Feature in Minecraft Java: Despite being two versions of a single game, Minecraft Java and Bedrock have a lot of differences. Overall, Bedrock is a “lite” version in which the devs cut a lot of corners in exchange for performance.

Top 5 Best Feature in Minecraft Java

The combat system: Java has weapon cooldowns and when fighting with a sword you can do a sweep attack. This means you have to time your attacks instead of just spamming the attack button. In short, Bedrock’s combat system is the old Java combat system from before 1.8. It never had the combat update.

Java mobs have better AI and skill: The differences in mob behaviors make Java more challenging. For example, in Java, skeletons notice you from much further and will try to move backward if you get closer. In Bedrock, they just sit there shooting at you.

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Farms and Spawners: Farming in Bedrock is a bit buggy – everything grows faster in Java edition. This is why Java players would have a much easier time farming for items, blocks, or mobs. This is somewhat related to the performance of the two systems.

Redstone system: Redstone is one of the most useful materials in all of Minecraft. However, they work differently in Java and Bedrock. The version of Redstone in Java is simple and much easier to work with, and sometimes it even defies logic.

The snapshot system: Java is more up to date than Bedrock. When a new update is being worked on, Java gets weekly snapshots to preview new features and fix bugs and such. Bedrock, on the other hand, just gets the experimental features setting.


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