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Need for Speed Heat Trailer released



Need for Speed Heat Trailer released

Need for speed Heat trailer is officially out, and the game will be coming up on November 8. Need for Speed Heat will focus on the racers-versus-cops fantasy, with players participating in legal races during the day to earn cash then facing off in underground competitions by night to build their street cred, EA announced.

The game will be launch on Microsoft Xbox One, Windows and Sony PlayStation 4. It looks like carefully coordinated YouTube rollout has had a few glitches. as spotted by AllGames, YouTube’s publicly accessible backen is already hosting several pictures that will serve as thumbnail images for the trailer once it goes live.

Heat seems to be continuing to Need For Speed Payback’s focus the story. New tailer champion rebellious group of racers, fronted by a woman speaking with a this Spanish accent, proving that police chases are once again back.

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Ghost Games will launch two variant of the game on November. The standard version is priced at Rs 3,999 while the deluxe amounts to Rs 4,499. Standard version for Xbox One is at Ra 3,990 and the deluxe version is at Rs 4,490.

Need For Speed Heat trailer back the mix of street racing and police. This will be 16th game in the Need for Speed series. Heat is also set to take place in Palm City, a fictional town. Similar to any other Need for Speed game in the past, players will compete for a variety of tracks.

Need for Speed Heat: Pricing, trailer, and more

The game will give them a chance to compete against each other while evading the police. Some of the tracks include beachfront straightaways, downtown lanes and even a huge freeway.

According to BGR India, The gamers will compete in two different series in the game. The First one called Speedhunters Showdown during the daytime. In first series, you can earn money to buy new cars or parts to customize your cars. The second series can be played with the help a currency called Rep for an underground racing series. Corrupt cops can also bust you and take your money.

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