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New Faze Clan’s Valorant Roster: BabyBay, Dicey, Shot_up, LarryBanks, and Flyuh



New Faze Clan’s Valorant Roster BabyBay, Dicey, Shot_up, LarryBanks, and Flyuh

New Faze Clan’s Valorant Roster: North American organization FaZe Clan has recently practiced with former 100 Thieves player Quan “Dicey” Tran and former Immortals player Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski to complete its VALORANT roster, multiple sources told Dot Esports on Jan. 7.

FaZe has made several significant roster changes over the course of the winter offseason. Former Teal Seam players Chris “LarryBanks” Doyi and Xavier “flyuh” Carlson are set to join the FaZe roster too, as first reported by journalist Max “Purest” Katz on Dec. 23 and sources confirmed to Dot Esports.

FaZe clan is undoubtedly one of the best teams in any game there is. In fact, since the beginning of valorant tournaments, Faze clan performed well. However, during VCT 2021 for a whole year, the team faced nothing but disappointment. That’s why at the end of LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) which faze didn’t qualify for champions they made roster changes.

The journey for the new and improved Faze’s Valorant roster began by removing Corey, ZachaREEE, Rawkus, and BabyJ. So the only person left on the team for the moment was Babybay.

And after a short and sweet Christmas break Faze started holding trials for new players to join their valorant roster. And a lot of scrims and practices Faze finally decided on the 4 players for their valorant roster.

So evidently the current roster has:

  • Babybay
  • Dicey
  • LarryBanks
  • Shot_up
  • Flyuh

Out of the 4 players, we would say that Dicey has the spotlight. He is a great player and defiantly proved his worth as he made sure 100 Thieves win the First strike. However, he still has a lot to prove if he wants to continue as a pro player.

Even though Faze was not able to perform in VCT 2021, they still are a great team with a lot of potential. And with this roster change, they better make sure they play to win in VCT 2022 starting in February.

ShoT_UP, the last player signed to Immortals at this time, consistently performed as a duelist for most of his career. He’s since changed roles and played Astra during the latest and final iteration of Immortals in November.



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