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New State Mobile brings New Story Missions with 0.9.24 Update: Check Details



New State Mobile brings New Story Missions with 0.9.24 Update Check Details

New State Mobile has a 0.9.24 update with multiple new story missions as a part of Survivor Pass Volume 4.

The protagonist for this season is biker Arnie ‘Mayhem’ Kopelson.

Krafton has already announced that players who manage to complete Kopelson’s weekly missions will be able to meet the biker and his gang. read more – Why is Free Fire banned in India? Check Out Official Statement

The company has also revealed the back story of the biker, which is basically that Mayhem and his gang of arms dealing bikers arrived in Troi on Christmas eve with medicine, food, and lots of guns.

Players who complete the missions will unlock a slew of rewards including the Imperial Guard costume set.

Sheriff Sam Berry had arrested Mayhem earlier, due to which they are not on good terms, but must put aside their differences to prevent Ben Brown’s Great Lakes Coalition (GLC) faction from controlling Michigan. Currently, Week 1 and 2 of the story mode are available to complete.

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During the Week 1 tasks, gamers must obtain five Mayhem stickers in Troi.

They also have to find three toolboxes and Doug’s whisky flask in the Trailer Park area.

Under Week 2 tasks, gamers have to obtain three Mayhem buckles in the Trailer Park area, have to locate five empty water canisters in Troi and find three roses in Troi’s Graveyard area.

With the New State Mobile 0.9.24 update, Krafton has brought in a number of new additions including MP5K, Crossbow weapons, and a Round Deathmatch mode in the Arena map.

With the update, it also introduced the capability for players to revive or recruit a downed player faster.


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