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New State Mobile Update: Multiple changes will be made to in-game vehicles



New State Mobile Update Multiple changes will be made to in-game vehicles

New State Mobile Update: The upcoming New State Mobile will come with multiple changes for the players. PUBG developer in the previous post, they have been mentioned improving graphics for the Troi map in the February update.

Krafton has now spilled more details of the changes that players will witness with the update this month.

According to the developer, the new changes will address the vehicle meta in the game for better one-on-one gunfights. The dev team said that the patch will lower vehicle collision damage and vehicle door health.

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This will rather make it easier for players to shoot and destroy vehicles more swiftly and quickly. There will be accuracy adjustment in guns when shooting out of a vehicle.

“February Update: Lowering vehicle collision damage, vehicle door health, and health on several vehicles.
Future Updates(TBD): Adjusting gun accuracy when shooting out of a vehicle & Enlarging passenger hitbox by re-adjusting vehicle frames,”
the New State dev team mentioned in the tweet.

The dev team hasn’t specified a date for releasing the patch notes for New State Mobile this year. Krafton recently introduced a new BR: Extreme mode that takes place on the Troi map and changes every round. It allows 64 players to be a part of the match and players get to start with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters.

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The update also added a new P90 submachine gun that utilizes a new kind of 5.7mm ammunition.

The SMG has a tier-2 transformative scope and a suppressor attached. Besides this Krafton also brought new suppressors or flash hiders for the DP-28 rifle and a lightweight stock for the M762 assault rifle.

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