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Pokeman Masters launches in Summer 2019 on Mobile, New Gameplay revealed



Pokeman Masters launches in Summer 2019 on Mobile, New Gameplay revealed


DeNA and The Pokeman Company have revealed new gameplay details and an animated trailer for the new Pokeman Masters for mobile game as well as released date for windows of this Summer.

The Upcoming mobile game that release across iOS and Android in summer 2019. We know that it focuses on 3-on-3 real time battle, with players exploring the all new island of Pasio seeking Trainers and their Pokeman partners. Trainers from every region have come to Pasio and are split into “sync pairs” – like Red and Charizard, Misty and Starmie, or Brock and Onix.

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The game will take place in a new region, an island named Pasio. User will embark on an adventure in a similar gym badges. Instead of controlling one trainer, Users will take charge for three, each with their own Pokeman partner. Users will control these Sync pairs, as They are called in three on three battle against AI opponents throughout the story.

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Contrary to the turn based mainline games, Masters’s 3-on-3 battle system works in real time using a move gauge that fills up over the course of the battle and this depleted when you fight.

In another Pokeman first, Trainer also have in Masters “Trainer provide in battle by using moved that heal Pokeman or raise their stats, YU Sasaki”, Game producer said.

Free to Start

Battle will be real time 3 on 3 fights where you pick three sync pairs to user against AI opponents. Since, It is real time, users and users’ enemy will be using moves at the same time, and You will even be able to tell trainers to use moves, according to the IGN.

Pokeman Company describes Pokeman Masters as a free to start game with in app purchase, though it is not completely clear yet what exactly that will look like.

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