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PUBG: Best Red Dot Sensibity PUBG Mobile and Pro Tips for No Recoil Spray



PUBG: Best Red Dot Sensibity PUBG Mobile and Pro Tips for No Recoil Spray

Best red dot sensitivity PUBG Mobile is definitely helpful for players to get Chicken Dinner.

Two short-range scopes in PUBG Mobile are red dot and holographic sight. To master this scope attachment and win every combat in this fame, you need a perfect sensitivity setting for the red dot.

Non-gyro sensitivity:

The best camera sensitivity to make the red dot stable when you spray bullets or switch between targets is 35%. The ADS sensitivity will affect the gun recoil in bullet spray. If the ADS sensitivity is too high, your bullet line will stretch out from the target to the cloud in the sky. Therefore, the recommended ADS sensitivity for red dot is around 44 – 45%.

Gyro sensitivity:

The sensitivity level of gyro players should be higher so that your smartphone can catch up with every action and movement of your hands. The recommended Gyro sensitivity for red dot sight in PUBG Mobile is 300%.

Best Gun To Use Red Dot:

In PUBG Mobile, from pistols to shotguns, SMGs, ARs, LMGs, DMRs, and SRs. However, you should use this scope for some weapons below:

  • UZI and Thompson: After some recent updates, UZI and Thompson can support a red dot in their new scope attachment slot. These two SMGs are very stable and easy to use. Moreover, these guns are spawned everywhere on the maps, so they’re very easy to find.
  • AMK/Beryl M762: AKM and Beryl M762 are two super powerful 7.62 assault rifles. However, these ARs have high gun recoil which makes it hard to minimize the bullet spread when spraying.
  • M249: This rare light machine gun is only spawned in the airdrop crate. It’s known as the most powerful gun for a short-range spray with 100-bullet ammo capacity and the highest rate of fire.

Red dot scope is better than holographic sight because its frame is thinner than that of holo. Therefore, it will cover a smaller part of your vision field. If you find a red dot, use it to replace the holo sight.

Don’t use a red dot when using pistols. Or else, you can switch to the first-person perspective to aim with a red dot when using pistols.

You can also attach a red dot to a powerful sniper rifle, such as M24 or AWM. Then, place the crosshair right at the head of the enemy in short or mid-range to end him in on shot only.

It will be very useful when you still grab the sniper king AWM in the last circle. In short-range combat in the final circle, the long-range scope can cause the screen shaking and make you lose the match.

You should choose a bold color for the crosshair of the red dot, such as red or light green to aim more accurately.

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