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PUBG: How to Stream PUBG PC at [email protected] FPS – Check System Requirement, OBS Setting



How to Stream PUBG PC at 1080p@60 FPS - System Requirement, OBS Setting

How to Stream PUBG PC at [email protected] FPS:– Popular gamers mostly stream their PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gameplay. The gamer needs heavy hardware and extra equipment as compared with a normal PUBG Gamer’s device. The help gamer stream with an audience will help you have a smoother streaming experience.

Streaming is going to be more popular in recent years. Twitch, the biggest streaming platform, has over 140 million monthly users and at least 107,800 streamers broadcasting live at any given moment.

Stream PUBG PC at [email protected] FPS: Hardware Requirement

The gamers need a powerful PC, fast internet, and some essential accessories like a webcam, mic, and stream deck.

An internet connection of 20Mb/s is a minimum requirement for live streaming PUBG, as you will be streaming at 1080p while simultaneously playing the game online,

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Having a good quality camera is necessary and having ample lighting in the room will be beneficial. Logitech C922x Pro 1080p Stream Webcam is a good choice.

Recommended System requirement:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti


Required software:

After installation, gamers need to download some of the live streaming software. Open Broadcasting Software (OBS), Camtasia, XSplit, BandiCam Screen Recorder, and ShareX are some of the top software recommendations.

Most streamers use OBS as their go-to streaming software, so for this guide, we will consider OBS.

When you launch OBS for the first time, its Auto-Configuration Wizard will test your system and apply the most optimal settings for your device.

OBS Setting:

OBS will have an empty Scene in the Scenes box which can be deleted, renamed or a new one can be added, only the selected scene can be streamed at a time.

Click on ‘Settings’ and under the ‘Audio’ tab, which will display all the audio sources that are available, you can select manually from this list.

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For video sources, right-click inside the black box to add a new source. ‘GameCapture’ is used to capture specific games, which in this case will be PUBG.

‘Window’ is used to display non-game applications and ‘Video Capture Device’, if you have one set up, will add your capture card or webcam as a video source.

The resolution of your stream can be managed through the OBS settings. Given that your PC can run the game at 1080p, you need to go to OBS settings.

Platform Selection:

Once you have set up OBS, all you need to do is select the streaming platform. Streaming platforms can be YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Gaming. To select a platform, you need to go to settings, and under the Stream tab, select your preferred platform from the service drop-down list, and paste your Stream Key that was provided by the platform, apply the changes and click on ‘OK.’

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