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PUBG Lite gets a new Update Brings Lite New Currencies, 4v4 Game Mode and More



PUBG Lite gets a new Update Brings Lite New Currencies, 4v4 Game Mode and More

PUBG Lie has received a massive new update that brings Lite Pass Season 2, Two additional in-game currencies, and a new 4v4 mode to name a few developments.

The new update also brings two new missions, a new item store, a TDM career record with a comprehensive gameplay achievements database, and more. Aside from new Season 2 challenges and rewards, there are a lot of bug fixes as well.

These new patch notes were updated on a tweet from the PUBG Lite PC handle on Twitter which is what the devs primarily use to communicate the changes in the game.

  • Fixed the issue where the angle of the scope would become transparent as a result of weapon collision.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to enter a wall under a certain bridge in Sanhok.
  • Resolved an issue where matchmaking would cancel after presenting a pop-up message.
  • Fixed an issue where punch sounds could be heard louder than intended across different floors in a building.
  • Fixed the issue where the texture of th soft top UAZ rear wheels would not display well.

New Updates in PUBG Lite:

New Currencies:

The PUBG Lite update introduces two new in-game currencies-Chicken Medal and Silver Bullet. As for the exchange rate, four chicken medals can be used to purchase a single crate. They can be acquired from the daily login event, Lite Pass and Lite Pass Premium rewards, chalelnde missions, daily mission, PUBG Lite playday events on weekends, crate purchased with Battel Points and community events.

Lite Pass Season 2:

PUBG Lite new update kicks off the Lite Pass Season 2 that will be the live duration of eight weeks. Apart from a daily mission, weekly missions will start every Thursday, while Beginner, Premium and Challenge Mission will be available for the entire duration of Season 2.

Survival Title System Season 2 and Career Record:

It has also been initiated with the PUBG Lite Season 2 update starting October 10, and it will be available until December 12. Following is a table that details the Survival point rewards based on tiers.


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