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PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update: Top 5 PUBG Mobile Guns Spiderman, Best New Features



PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update Top 5 PUBG Mobile Guns Spiderman, Best New Features

PUBG Mobile 1.8 Top 5 Guns Spiderman: PUBG Mobile 1.8 has come up with a major update of 2022. PUBG Mobile 1.8 revealed new game modes and many changes to the gameplay.

A long list of all the changes, big and small, that the update brings that you can anyway see in the 1.8 patch notes.

In PUBG Mobile 1.8, the best weapons to use in this game are also different from the previous updates.

PUBG Mobile 1.8 New Feature:

When players start PUBG Mobile if you are expecting to download all this new content from the splash screen on Jan 14th.

Players, who have access to the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or even something like Samsung, Amazon or Huawei app store. PLayers need to load them to get the latest 1.8 updates.

Aftermath Map: A new Battle Royale map with new terrains and features. Players will see a teammate wear a different outfit but not his actual one. Players can ask for outfits they are wearing. You will realize that the screen shows a totally different outfit. Even when they remove their outfit, it still shows you the old ones.

Spider-Man Game Mode: Fans have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the themed Spider-Man game mode ever since the developers announced the collaboration in December.

Royale Pass M7: the RP M7 – Royale Guard will make its way into PUBG Mobile. Developers will incorporate it on January 18, and the same will run until February 17.

Separation of Unranked and Ranked Modes: This will enable casual players to enjoy the non-ranked matches and enjoy a less try-hard heavy experience with their friends.

New supply shop and recall mechanic: the supply shop and recall mechanic will also be introduced. The former will enable the users to purchase supplies and other items after collecting a particular currency/token on the battlefield.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Guns After Spiderman Update 1.8:

AWM: The gun is still the most powerful gun with base and headshot damage of this bolt-action sniper rifle remains high. It’s still the most powerful and reliable gun in both ranked and unranked modes. Though the new AC Core Module makes the weapon damage reduce massively

Mk14: Like AWM, but there is no DMR stronger than this gun. Mk14 has single and aut0 firing modes. Mk14 can cover both long and short-range combat very well.

MG3: There are three LMGs in PUBG Mobile – DP-28, M249, and MG3. MG3 has two firing modes both of which are insanely powerful. This gun deal high damage due to its super-high rate of fire: 660rpm and 990rpm.

M416: M416 is still the most stable and reliable assault rifle in PUBG Mobile. Though its damage has slightly nerfed, M416 is still powerful enough to take down the target quickly due to its high firing rate and accuracy. This weapon can cover both short and mid-range combat well. You can also use M416 to spray bullets in long-range combat or burst moving vehicles from a long distance.

UMP45: an underrated for a long time before the previous version. Its rate of fire and damage were increased a lot to make this gun better and more reliable in close-range combat. UMP45 is still one of the most stable guns with very low recoil. Therefore, it’s one of the best weapons for beginners in PUBG Mobile after update 1.8.

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