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PUBG Mobile: 15 year old Boy stabs brother for not letting him play PUBG



PUBG Mobile: 15 year old Boy stabs brother for not letting him play PUBG


15 year old boy allegedly killed his elder brother for scolding him for playing PUBG Mobile, Police said.

Boy flew into rage wen the victim, Mohammad Shaikh, asked him to stop playing the game on his mobile phone on Saturday.

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As per PTI Reported, that minor allegedly banged Shaikh’s head against the wall. Then repeated’s stabbed him with a pair of scissors after being repremanded for playing PUBG Mobile.

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Mohammad Shaikh was taken to government hospital where he was declared brought dead. A case registered by the police section 302(Murder) of the Indian Panel Code (IPC).

A 19 year old Ahmedabad girl married with a year old baby had demanded divorce from her husband because of her immense indulgence in PUBG.

Details Information- Thane Teen Stabbed To Death By Younger Brother For Not Letting Him Play PUBG

PUBG Mobile has been linked with several violent incidents in the past, resulting in murders and even suicide. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is very popular in India Considered to have a negative impact on children.

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