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PUBG Mobile 2.1 New AKM Damage Rate, Recoil, & Bullet Velocity: Complete Guide



PUBG Mobile 2.1 New AKM Damage Rate, Recoil, & Bullet Velocity

PUBG Mobile 2.1 New AKM Damage Rate, Recoil, & Bullet Velocity: PUBG Mobile 2.1 brought various features and updates. In PUBG Mobile 2.1, a deadly Assualt Rifle AKM has been changed to more powerful and dangerous now.

The AKM’s Damage Rate, Recoil changes, and Bullet Velocity have been updated in 2.1. Here are details

AKM’s Damage Rate Change:

The damage to the limb and leg areas of the new AKM is much higher than the previous one. It has increased by 50% more to the arms and legs of the target than the old version.

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The gamer can now instead of targeting to chest and head which can be protected by level-3 armors, they should shoot the arms and legs of the opponents to take them down faster.

AKM’s Bullet Speed:

The major changes in AKM’s bullet speed. The new bullet velocity of AKM is 750m/s while the old one speed is 715m/s.

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The 5% increase in bullet velocity may change the gameplay. Now bullets go faster and hit the enemy first if both of you fire at the same time.

AKM’s Recoil:

The recoil remains the same in PUBG 2.1 but the aim assist is slightly improved.

Players can easily control the recoil of AKM. However, it does not make big changes to the gameplay as small improvements.

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