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PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update: New SCAR-L with higher Damage & Recoil



PUBG Mobile 2.1 Update: New SCAR-L with higher Damage & Recoil

New SCAR-L with higher Damage & Recoil: PUBG Mobile 2.1 update, SCAR-L weapon a better choice for assaulters. As the weapons are stronger than the previous versions in terms of Damage changes and Recoil changes.

New SCAR-L Damage:

All damage points of SCAR-L are slightly increased in 2.1 updates including head, chest, arm, and leg damage.

This 5.56 AR is less underestimated in this weapon category. The damage points of SCAR-L increase by only 2.5% but it still separates this weapon from AUG and M416.

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The wielders kill the enemy with a level-2 helmet in two accurate shots and a level-2 military vest in 4 shots which are fewer than the old SCAR-L and M416 by one shot.

Recoil Change:

The good news for SCAR-L wielders in PUBG Mobile 2.1 is its reduced recoil. The developer team of PUBG Mobile announced that they slightly improved the recoil of SCAR-L to make it easier to control, especially in long-range combat.

After this change, SCAR-L has lower recoil than M416 which is known as the most stable AR in this game. The new SCAR-L has around 5% lower vertical recoil and 10% lower horizontal recoil than those of M416.

But the recoil patterns of SCAR-L are still more unpredictable, so it’s still a bit harder to control. The smaller height and width of the new SCAR-L do not mean that it’s more reliable than M416.

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