PUBG Mobile 2.5: How to Survive & Clear Imagination Plaza



How to Survive & Clear Imagination Plaza: PUBG develeoper has been brought a big features called Imagination Plaza during the 5th anniversary. Both the plazas are brand new hot spots in Erangel.

The two new Imagination Plaza in the Ranked mode- Erangel. The gamer can cehck the two locations marked ont he minimap.

The plazas are located in Stalber and Quarry in the northeast and Southwest of the map.

How to Land on Imagination Plaza:

Make sure the best time and distance before jump to the land. You should also check the flight route before jumping. You have to aware that you must land before the other players. If someone land before, avoid counting them directly. You can loot weapons, bullets, and armor first.

Gear Up & Loot New Items:

After landing, try to gear up rapidly and get ready for early combat. There are many new items like weaponis, armor items, and supliies.

Grab some block covers to protect you in these hot sports. You can build some instant shield to stay behind and heal your HP, reoad bullets and fire back. Imagination Plaza visitors can also get some Dual-Purpose Cannon and Portable Trampolines.

Anniversary Crates:

There are four secret to unlock the Anniversary Crates in the Imigination Plazas. Loot those secret crates and bring them to the marked locations. After the bar is filled, you successfully unlock the crate.

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You have to make sure that there are no assassins around this area or they will shoot you down before the progress complete.

Stay Alert:

If you play in single-player mode, use the Block Cover to cover yourself when you stand on the platform and wait for the full bar. You don’t want to become an easy target of many enemies around. All four platforms must be activated.

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