PUBG Mobile 2.6: Tips & Tricks for Dinoground & T-Rex Mode

PUBG Mobile 2.6 Tips & Tricks for Dinoground & T-Rex Mode: PUBG developer released new mode called Dinoground and T-Rex for all PUBG Mobile players. Here are tips & Tricks to get Chicken Dinner in Dinoground & T-Rex mode.

Survive When Facing A T-Rex:

T-Rex is giant vehicle that can rush players under its foot. If you want to avoid being killed by a running T-Rex, you should ride a bike. The T-Rex cannot cause damage to you and your bike. It’s a good way to survive in the wilderness in this Dinoground mode

Throw A Pan To T-Rex:

If you throw a pan at a running T-Rex, this dinosaur will stop for a short while and continue to run right away. Sometimes, the T-Rex will soar when it’s hit by a pan and cause damage to you. Therefore, you should not stay close to the dinosaur or stand on its path, or the T-Rex will step on you.

Stop The Glider In Mid-Air

When you crash a glider with a Pterosaur in mid-air, the glider will be stopped. That’s why you should have a flying dinosaur in this new game mode. It will be very helpful when your enemy has a glider to escape or attack you. You can rush back them with a Pterosaur and make the glider fall down on the ground.

Stop A T-Rex With Pterosaur:

In addition to the glider, Pterosaur can also stop a T-Rex. Moreover, T-Rex cannot cause any damage to the flying dinosaur and the rider. It’s a useful tip for your squad. Try to tame a Pterosaur to go solo, duo, and squad as it is very helpful. This flying dinosaur will stop the giant ground T-Rex from escaping.

T-Rex Crosses Military Base Bridge:

As the T-Rex is very tall, it cannot cross the horizontal poles of the Military Base bridge. However, it can run on the sidewalks of the bridge to bring you to the other riverbank. It’s much faster and safer to cross the river in this way than by swimming. Players on the bridge can shoot you down as the the moving speed is reduced when this dinosaur is in the water.

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