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PUBG Mobile announced a new Livik Map: Here’s all you need to know



PUBG Mobile announced a new Livik Map: Here's all you need to know

PUBG Mobile has finally rolled out with some interesting features. The update consists of a new map that the players can try out in the game. The map will be called Livik and will be released for the global version in the coming weeks.

The new map titled Livik will be the fifth map of the famous mobile battle royale game. While the new map is still being programmed for the main version of PUBG Mobile, it was released on the beta version as a Secret map a few days back.

There is no specific launch date, but it seems pretty obvious that it will arrive in the next 0.19.0 update along with the new Season 14. You can try the map before the official release by downloading the latest beta version of PUBG Mobile. However, do note that the map on the beta version is not final and you are going to face a lot of bugs.

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If the players can’t wait for the release date then they can download the beta version of the app, however, the map on the beta version is far from complete and is filled with bugs and glitches.

It looks like the map is a fusion of elements from all the other four maps of the game. There is a snow-covered area, a desert area and also grasslands which cover a majority of the map. It was speculated by game fans that the map would be called ‘Fourex’ since it was a fusion of all the other maps, but now this does not seem to be the case.

There was a rumour that the map could be called ‘Fourex’ since it includes parts of all four maps. But it seems that is not happening.

It doesn’t seem as big as Erangel or Miramar though, and it could be a 2x2km map making it the smallest one in the Classic mode.

The exclusive vehicle that can be found on this map is the monster truck which can drive over any terrain including boulders.

It is likely that a cave will also be added to Livik, like that of Vikendi. Furthermore, in certain areas, animation has been enhanced. As the players move through the grass, they can see the grass animation.

Other additions include a new type of loot crates that have been scattered around the map. Two new guns have also been added, these are new shotgun called SPAS 12 and a new DMR called MK12.

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