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PUBG Mobile bans 2 million players between Dec 18-24



PUBG Mobile bans 2 million players between Dec 18-24

Anyone who likes to use cheat codes on PUBG Mobile has not had it easy. Shortly after definitively excluding 1.5 million accounts for hacks and other types of cheating in the game, Tencent banned, between December 18 and 24, almost 2.4 million other accounts permanently for the same reason.

Although the use of cheats in online games is a recurring problem in many multiplayer titles, the banning policy in the mobile version of the first battle royale fever has been strict with cheating players.

Most of the exclusions occurred due to the use of hacks. That modify the model of the characters and make them more difficult targets to be reached during the matches.

These bans represented 23% of the total. Then came bans due to the use of automatic targeting cheat codes, which account for 16% of all punishments.

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Hacks of speed and X-ray vision each accounted for 14% of the punishments. While cheat codes that modified the damaged area of shots and characters caused 13% of account exclusions. Other types of cheating accounted for the other 20% of bans on PUBG Mobile.

As with what had already happened in the first wave of punishments. Hacks were identified in all rankings in the game, including an expressive percentage of cheaters with high scores in ranked matches.

The bronze ranking, the lowest in the game, records 29% of all bans, followed by Diamond (16%), Platinum (14%), Crown, the third-highest in battle royale, also with 14%, Gold (10 %), Silver (8%), Ace, the second-highest of PUBG Mobile (7%) and, finally, Conqueror, the highest of PUBG Mobile, with 2%.

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