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PUBG Mobile Bans Players below 13 years, Age limit imposed in response to complaints against the game



PUBG Mobile Bans Players below 13 years, Age limit imposed in response to complaints against the game

PUBG Mobile Bans Players: The Chinese gaming giant Tencent has been taken a big action that it will be adding curbs on undergo video-game playing. The Company will support the Chinese government’s crackdown on youth gaming addiction. The game producing negative impact on the people. This is why, there have been cases of government Institutions taking action against the game.

Tencent is continuing to double down on how it restricts younger players from accessing some of its games in China. This time with a digital system that will lock out players under the age of 13, as per the

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The giant is using the technologies like facial recognition and player ID to ascertain the ages. Identified of those playing Honour of kings and other in China.

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It had also on the internet and has imposed a limit on the number of new releases. It had also come up with rules for underage players in order to decrease their screen time. Right after President Xi Jinping called everyone in the country to pay more attentions to optical health, The Chinese government has said that the curbs that they have imposed are justified as they are a way to stop the worsening ner-sightedness among minors, according to the GadgetBrindge.

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