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PUBG Mobile Beryl M762: All You Need to Know



PUBG Mobile Beryl M762: All You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile Beryl M762 is one of the most powerful and popular ARs in PUBG Mobile. It’s often the best choice of pro players to clear enemies quickly.

Beryl M762 has a high base damage of 45.9 when you shoot to the enemy’s chest. It’s a little lower than the base damage of AKM.

Although Beryl M762 has 5% lower damage, it’s still stronger than AKM because of its high rate of fire which is 15% faster than that of AKM.

This gun can shoot 12 bullets per second. Therefore, its DPS is also high. You can take down two or three enemies with a full mag of 40 bullets.

It will take you only 0.42s to kill an enemy with a level-3 vest and 0.25s if he wears a level-3 helmet.

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As M762 has a higher rate of fire, its recoil is also higher than that of AKM. However, many players and I feel that M762 is easier to control than AKM.

It’s highly recommended that you should practice using M762 without attachments. It helps you survive in the early stage of the match when you grab this gun without attachments.

It will be harder to track moving enemies with Beryl M762. But you can improve this skill by practicing in the training room.

You also aim while standing still, and then drag the joystick to the left or right while trying to keep the crosshair stable. Practice it until you can keep the crosshair stick to the bull’s eye of the target while moving.

Source: GuruGamer

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