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PUBG Mobile brings a new Jungle Hunter Set in the Game



PUBG Mobile brings a new Jungle Hunter Set in the Game

PUBG Mobile has been added a new set called Jungle Hunter set and part of the Ancient Spin. There are other sets available like Silverback set and Jungle Prey set in Ancient Spin.

Silverback set offers a headgear and outfit, whereas Jungle Prey set includes mask, headgear, and the outfit.

Recently, PUBG Mobile announced that the secret map that the developers have been working on is called Livik Map.

As per the tweet, PUBG Mobile confirmed that the upcoming one is called Livik Map. Though there are definite visuals of the map in the image shares, the word ‘Livik’ itself seems to show elements of the map. And from that, we can assume that it really is the same map.

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PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter handle, the set is available in the game now. “Stalk your prey! The Jungle Hunter set is available now,” reads the tweet. Take a look at it below.

Ancient Spin event offers various prizes based on the number of times you play the draw. Spinning once costs 60 UC. When you draw 10 times in total, you get a premium crate coupon.

Similarly, you get Ancestral Tears – QBU when you draw 40 times. This goes on up to 200 times where you can get 160 Lucky coins. Lucky coins can be exchanged for rewards in the Lucky Spin shop.

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