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PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka TVS Apache, Oppo Phone, Gold Coin and more: How to get them



PUBG Mobile Diwali Dhamaka TVS Apache, Oppo Phone, Gold Coin and more: How to get them

Recently, PUBG Mobile has been rolled out the 0.15 update with new features and in-game items with this update. Now, PUBG has introduced the Diwali blast offer for the players. The Diwali Dhamaka Event has started from October 17 to November 4.

PUBG o.15 update brought a couple of new features including the Ledge Grab and armored BRDM-2 vehicle. The update is also supposed to bring the Payload mode with helicopters and anti-air combat weapons.

In Diwali, PUBG Mobile is rewarding its players with gifts during the festive season. The game will allow players to claim some exciting gifts and benefits depending on their PUBG skills after completing special missions.

The rewards are in the form of several in-game items and if you are lucky. You might be able to win Oppo phones or even a TVS Apache motorcycle.

Players can redeem these gift tokens to win exclusive in-game items. You can purchase Kurta Pajama Set, Cricket Costume, Future Policemen set, Lobster Set, AWM/M415 Gun Skin and Crate from gift tokens.

It is said that the Diwali event will have three levels, with each level having fixed numbers of Gift Tokens, hidden in a set of 25 crackers. Players need to collect all the gift tokens at the current level so that they can move to the next level.

There will be some lucky winner, these lucky winners will get a chance to win TVS Apache Bike, Oppo Smartphone, Boat Headphones, Golia and Silver Quoin along with other prizes. Players will also win PUBG Mobile merchandise, such as T-Shirts and caps.

Via: IndiaToday

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