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PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.2: Best 4 Features in Erangel 2.2



Best 4 Features in Erangel 2.2

Best 4 Features in Erangel 2.2: PUBG developers always come with exciting features. recently, the developer has features many features in Erangel 2.2 map.

Erangel 2.2 has many features like fuel stations, Seaports, and bicycle sheds. Here are the top 4 features in Erangel 2.2.

Fuel Stations:

Many fuel stations are available on the Erangel map. If the fuel is low you have to go nearest gas station. The refilling time depends on how much fuel you need to pump until it’s full. If your car fuel tank is totally empty, it takes you a long time.

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Vehicle Storage:

You can use storage in their vehicle to store supplies. It lets PUBG Mobile players loot more essential supplies to get ready for combat in later zones.

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Bicycle Shed:

There is a shed in Stalber in Erangel. Sometimes, you can encounter some enemies at this location who also come to get the vehicle.

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The legendary map Erangel has three new seaports. You can find them in Ferry Pier, the shore below the Farm, and in the Northern short of Sosnovka Military Base. Your full squad can find a lot of advanced equipment in these seaports.

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