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PUBG Mobile Flare Gun: How to use in-game



PUBG Mobile Flare Gun: How to use in-game

If you are new to PUBG Mobile and have come across a small red gun in the game, you might have wondered what it was. This is what is called a flare gun.

Flare guns have been part of PUBG Mobile for a while now and it dictates a lot of strategies in the game.

It is scattered all over the map and comes with the opportunity of calling in only one drop, however, the single drop can help you and the rest of your squad get closer to that chicken dinner.

If you fire a flare gun towards the sky, you will receive an airdrop for yourself and/or your teammates. This airdrop can easily be distinguished from other airdrops as it is supported by three parachutes.

How to use in-game:

When you pick up a flare gun, you are given a single bullet as you cannot summon an airdrop more than once. Therefore, you have to be sure to fire it with caution.

Georgopol: The three warehouses as well as the containers more often than not have this. However, it is a high risk area as most experienced players land here in hopes of some good loot and guaranteed kills.

Novorepnoye: Within the numerous crates and warehouses you may find yourself a flare gun.

Sosnovka Military Base: the military base is a great place to find a flare gun. Usually found hidden within the tall buildings, caves, observatory or factory.

The Shooting Range: The risk factor comes down slightly as most pro players prefer other drops to this. But you will definitely have to take out some squads who are also trying their luck here. The top of the boxes are the best places to land a flare gun.

Mylta Power: all the loot lies in the range of one big building which makes it easier for the team to cover each other to the maximum of their ability. While there is not always a guaranteed flare gun here, you still have a chance if luck prevails.

Source: BGR India

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