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PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok Map Tips and Tactics: how to see clearly and pick Snaked out?



PUBG Mobile Foggy Sanhok Map Tips and Tactics

Foggy Weather is the latest feature of Sanhok Map, it may blind players and make them die. But, You can spot enemies and see more clearly than other players using these tips and tricks.

In Sanhok Map, foggy weather will reduce the sight of players. It creates to hardly see the enemies near you.

Your field of sight is limited to about 3 – 5 meters around you. To see clearly in the foggy weather on this map theses are-

  • Attach a 6x scope and zoom in to use as a 3x scope to see clearly. It gives you a clearer view in a longer range than other scopes.
  • Always have a scout in your squad who is the eyes of your team but don’t leave too far behind him. When your scout is knocked, throw a smoke grenade to cover him and let him fall back to a safe place.

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  • Then, don’t run straight towards the snake because he will knock you too.
  • Change your position to support and cover while re knocked man is revived.
  • Use the scope to spot the enemies on the grassland. They often lie on the grassland around trees or rocks. Check all trees and rocks in the direction of gunshots with a 6x scope.
  • Besides, you can easily spot the enemy by the flash of his weapon. Therefore, you should use a flash hider instead of a suppressor or compensator to hide your position in the foggy weather.
  • Make use of frag grenades to check out some high-risk corners instead of running straight towards the enemies.

  • You can make fake footstep sounds by jumping when you are standing behind a tree or rock to entice enemies to expose themselves.
  • When you detect the enemy’s position, throw a frag grenade or stun grenade to stun the enemies for a while before attacking.
  • Another trick is reducing the brightness so that the white fog doesn’t blind you.

(Input from GuruGamer)

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