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PUBG Mobile Guide: How to choose the best grip for guns



PUBG Mobile Guide: How to choose the best grip for guns

How to choose the best grip for guns: In PUBG, Selecting the best attachments is as vital as choosing the right weapons. Players need to understand trivial facts and details of the game to be victorious, and the growing eSports scene has made players contemplate these details more and more.

Sometimes, a player’s output can be determined by the choices they make while playing the game, like the choice to choose the right weapon for the right range of combat. When compared to other shooting games, PUBG Mobile is a hybrid.

Here are the various grips in PUBG Mobile:

Half Grip: The half grip slightly reduces vertical as well as horizontal recoil. It also reduces time for recoil recovery, and is quite suitable for spraying down enemies at medium range.

The Thumb Grip: The thumb grip reduces recoil on a good scale, but not as good as the vertical grip. The winning functionality though is that it reduces the time taken to open a scope. Not to mention, it aides weapon stability.

The Vertical Grip: this grip reduces the vertical recoil when firing, and provides stability when shooting enemies. It makes more sense to use this grip with guns with high vertical recoil, and when firing at medium to long range.

Angled Grip: the angled grip makes a significant difference to the horizontal recoil when in steady state. Another plus for this grip is that, like thumb grip, this grip offers better ADS speed. Now, where this grip loses out to its counterparts is when it comes to weapon steadiness.

Light Grip: it reduces the time taken for recoil recovery and increases stability of the gun. These features make it optimum for tapping down enemies.

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