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PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode: All You Need to Know



PUBG Mobile Gun Game Mode: All You Need to Know

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale game. PUBG Developer always brings new features, events.

The Developer has announced a new event called Gun Game. Now, you can take a break from the regular battle royale games. You can also help them to practice their shooting abilities.

The Gun Game is available on the all-new Library map. In which, two team fight it out on 4*4 square shaped map.

This is the first indoor map to be introduced in the battle royale game. The plyaers are required to take care of the primary objective which is to secure 18 kills.

However, the catch is that with every kill a player gets their weapon changes to test a variety of their skills and weaponry.

Player will need to secure a kill using a pan to his chicken for dinner.

Tips and Tricks Team to win Gun Game in PUBG Mobile:

Players must have basics expertise with all kinds of weapons.

The Players will have a best spot to shoot.

Make sure your whole squad goes in together, to ensure you can provide each other with cover and avoid surprise attacks by opponents.

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Cooperating and planning strategies with your teammates can help in grabbing that Chicken Dinner.

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