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PUBG Mobile KHAO Complete Details: Good Loot location with Under-rated?



PUBG Mobile KHAO Complete Details: Good Loot location with Under-rated?

KHAO is a big town in the north pole of the Sanhok map. The town is so far from the centre of the map so often under-rated in PUBG mobile.

There is a port on the left of the town from which you can look over Tat Mok. On the right side of town, there is a low hill and a forest.

Here is a good place to loot when you land because of a big warehouse on the edge of the town. This town has a lot of good loots such as M24, Kar98k, M416, AKM, etc.

This town has many small houses with two doors and some 2-story houses. Some 2-story houses in the town often have an in-door staircase and an outdoor staircase.

You can find some wooden crates to climb to the roofs. Moreover, the houses in this town have large windows, so you should be careful and don’t expose your body.

PUBG Mobile KHAO Details:

The doors of all houses in this town are made of wood, so you can easily break the door by firing or throwing a frag grenade.

Don’t use the flare gun inside this town or the airdrop may land on the top of high buildings.

Moreover, you can climb to the rooftops of houses and counter enemies on the hill or inside 2-story houses.

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You can also camp behind wooden boxes, surrounding walls, and broken trucks in the town.

If you defend in KHAO, make sure that you stick to at least one teammate to cover and support each other. Moreover, crawl to the corner of the house or walls to let your teammate revive safely when you get knocked.

If the safe zone shrinks in the south of the map, you should loot more medkits, first-aid kits, energy drinks, and painkillers to survive and get to the safe zone.

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