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PUBG Mobile Lynx AMR: How to Find Lynx AMR & Uses for Pro Players- Full Guide



PUBG Mobile Lynx AMR How to Find Lynx AMR & Uses

PUBG Mobile Lynx AMR: In PUBG Mobile, Lynx AMR is also known as Lynx Anti-Material Rifle. This gun can be used to shoot through the armored truck and all vehicles.

Lynx AMR is the latest airdrop-only weapon in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. To get this weapon, the gamer must defeat Ancient Secret Guardian from the enemy drop.

The gamer can get Lynx AMR by flareguns to summon as many airdrops as possible. As this weapon is more powerful than AWM (The most powerful before the 2.1 updates).

Lynx AMR Rifle in PUBG Mobile is the rarest and most powerful gun with the highest base damage point of 119HP per unit.

Shoot Through Vehicles:

As Lynx AMR is the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile. It can penetrate through more than five cars. However, the more cars the bullets cross, the less damage they cause to the target.

Survive From Lynx AMR:

Lynx AMR is deadly, however, If you want to survive then, you can move behind the wall because the bullet of this gun can not go through walls. It also works when you stand behind the container, rock, and tree.

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Blow Up Vehicles:

One of the best tips to use Lynx AMR is blowing vehicles with it. You can attach a 4x or 6x scope to this gun and shoot moving vehicles. With only 3-4 accurate shots, the moving vehicle will explode and kill the enemy inside if he cannot get out of the car on time.


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