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PUBG Mobile Might Come Back To India Under The Name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’



PUBG Mobile Might Come Back To India Under The Name 'Battlegrounds Mobile India'

PUBG Mobile has been trying everything to bring PUBG Mobile back to India since the ban in September 2020.

In the latest news, people have found out that Krafton has registered 4 domains that might the future website of PUBG Mobile India:

There is also a new leak poster of PUBG Mobile. While the art of the poster is definitely from PUBG Mobile, the name of the game on the poster is Battlegrounds Mobile India’. It further confirms that this will the new name of PUBG Mobile India. This poster is also the thumbnail of a video named ‘India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4’ on Vimeo.

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These domains suggest that the name of PUBG Mobile India will be Battlegrounds Mobile India on release instead.

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