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PUBG Mobile: New Custom Sensitivity- Complete Guide



PUBG Mobile: New Custom Sensitivity- Complete Guide

Lets playaers customize the sensitivity of lal weapons in this shooting game. New feature is avaialble in a new Customize tab in the Sensitivity setting.

You need to click on the Customize tab in the sensitivity setting. And ,select the weapon category to customize, including melee weapon, Pistol, LMG, Shotguns, SMG, Automatic Sniper Rifles, Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, and AR.

Tap on the Add button.

Select the weapon to customize, then click on the button Add Configuration.

Adjust the sensitivity for the Camera, ADS, and Gyro Scope settings.

There is a Reset button to reset the sensitivity of that weapon to the default setting. Moreover, players can also remove the customized sensitivity setting by clicking on the Delete button which is symbolized by a dustbin.

There is a link to the Training Grounds to test the new sensitivity setting. The entrance to the Training Grounds is accessible in the Cheer Park. Therefore, you need to enter the Cheer Park and head to the AKM statue to enter the Training Grounds.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI players can also copy the sensitivity settings of the same weapons to use. For example, both AKM and Beryl have high recoil and pretty similar recoil patterns. Or else, QBZ, G36C, and AUG can use the sensitivity setting of M416.

Therefore, you should choose a representative from each group and category to set up the sensitivity. Then, upload it to the cloud. Then, paste it on the customize setting for other weapons of the same type.


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