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PUBG Mobile Pharaoh character: Here’s all you need to know



PUBG Mobile Pharaoh character: Here's all you need to know

The season 14 shall be bringing new maps, guns, vehicles, etc. (to be honest, I am super excited about Monster Trucks in the game).

One thing which is confirmed is that the upcoming Season 14 will follow an Egyptian theme featuring the tombs, mummies, and treasure, which is going to be absolutely crazy.

Many other exclusive items such as 100 RP Outfit and the M24 character will be released.

The most anticipated and exciting outfit is the all-new female character who has been named ‘Pharaoh’. The Pharaoh sports a long gold and black gown, and there is a U-shaped throne that she wears.

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Andy is already the new favourite character in PUBG Mobile, and everyone who has it does not thinks twice before boosting it in front of his friends.

The ‘Pharaoh rise character’ is only the second female character that will be released in the game, after Sara.

It is easy to say that the Pharaoh character looks more authentic and authoritative than most of the skins in the game.

It just looks hell crazy, and no doubt it’s better than every other character in the game (look wise).

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