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PUBG Mobile: Pro Tips and Tricks for Quick Flick Shots



PUBG Mobile Pro Tips and Tricks for Quick Flick Shots

PUBG Mobile: There are two types of flick shots in PUBG Mobile- no-scope flicks and scope-in flicks.

No-scope flick is done without scope. The user only uses the crosshair to aim and shoot. It lets you switch targets and reflex faster. Scope-in flick is made when you open the scope to aim.

You need to improve your reflex. It’s the first step to do quick flick shots in this shooting game. This skill helps you survive in the sudden fights and open-ground rushes.

Have A Good Sensitivity Setting

The next step to do a quick flick shot is having a perfect setting. The sensitivity setting also affects the speed of flick shots in this game.

So, you should have a good sensitivity setting that makes you comfortable when shooting. Players need their own sensitivity setting because it depends on their device quality.

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Switch Characters

The third step for a quick flick shot is selecting the target when countering enemies.

You should aim and shoot the target who is nearest to you. Quick flicks allow you to take down that target in only one to four shots before switching to the second nearest target.

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