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PUBG Mobile: Puppet Master Andy skin and Pinocchio set out



PUBG Mobile: Puppet Master Andy skin and Pinocchio set out

In PUBG Mobile, there is new Puppet Master Andy skin and set out. The arcade character has been added in the game.

It can be gain from the character screen in the game. There are other cosmetic items available for the characters. You can get in the chest on the shop section of the game.

A new Pinocchio Set available in the game called EMP. Opening this once costs 60UC and 540 UC for 10 times. Like most other crates this will have less chances for rarer items to drop.

Recently, PUBG Mobile added the Mother Clucker set as part of an event which also features other sets.

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This includes a new headgear and costume that makes the player look like a chicken. players can access this in the events section and this is like a lucky draw with the rarer items being more difficult to get. The cost to play this once is 60UC.

PUBG Mobile recently introduced another event called 1-UC Bounty Raid. This new event introduces the chance to win some attractive skins by wagering a minimum of 1UC.

There are multiple skins and cosmetic items available in 1-UC Bounty Raid. Each of these items has a threshold, and people can wager more UC if they want.

Hence spending more UC means there’s a bigger chance of winning that skin in 1-UC Bounty Raid. Each time the threshold of an item completes one person who wagered has the chance to win.

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